Website Development: PHP Programming Mistakes Web Developers Should Avoid!

Today, websites have become an integral marketing tool for businesses or organizations to endorse their product or services they offer. However, developing an appealing and functional website is all depended on the website developer and graphic designers associated with it. Web site developers have to deal with plenty of website development issues, specifically when they use PHP for developing the website, in order to develop an effective and errorless website.

However, many amateur PHP web developers often make various PHP programming mistakes while developing any website, which at the end result into the disaster. Let’s have a look at some of the most common PHP web programming mistakes committed by PHP web developers.

• One of the most common programming mistakes is to forget the opening or closing parentheses within the code. Many developers often forget to include opening or closing parentheses while writing code for the website they are developing, which at the end result in a parsing error. But, the error becomes difficult to identify when developers forget including parentheses in more than one statement within the code.

For newbie developers, I will suggest them to use appropriate spacing between the codes as it will make it easy for them to identify the mistake.

• Many PHP developers often declare functions and classes more than once within the code, which at the end affect the performance of the website or application they are developing. So, to get rid of such performance issues, make a habit of using require_once() within the script, which allows declaration of the function or class only one time.

• Not using the appropriate variable name! Not using a correct variable name or the inappropriate variable name is one of the most common programming mistakes newbie developers make. However, such mistakes are overlooked in PHP programming as it doesn’t show any warnings for uninitialized variables. But, for best programming practices, PHP developers should always try to use the correct variable name.

• Using access modifiers while declaring classes! In PHP language, all the classes are public, so developers don’t need to declare them as private, public or protected. However, many newbie developers often use access modifiers while declaring classes, which results in an error. So, always avoid using access modifiers while declaring classes.

Apart from all these, developers often forget using strip slashes functions, forget to validate the inputs, never use functions to make multiple changes and make lots of other mistakes. So, if you are getting into PHP web development, then make sure you never commit such PHP programming mistake in order to develop an effective and functional website.

Tips For Good Programming Practice – From Novice to Experienced

A well written program comes a long way to making the customer process go smoothly. There are several dimensions to programming, the first of which is, obviously, to make sure that your program works! Errors are unacceptable no matter what the situation is, and the programmer must not evade the inevitability of having to debug to find the core of the problem. As long your software/website/product works properly, everything else is just icing on the cake. Functionality should be your number one priority.

I am not saying the other dimensions are not important. You are writing the program for someone else, whether it be your customer or your boss (or yourself). If they do not accept it, you are wasting your time. To ensure that your program runs smoothly, there are certain methodologies and recommendations you can follow.

You have all heard the phrase KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid. Or Keep it Short and Sweet. Even if your program is thousands of lines long and contains several files, always start off simple. What is the best way to design this program? Should you use complicated mathematical formulas? Should you use variable names that are long and complicated? Is your logic all over the place? These are things to consider when you are in the design process.

Comments – necessary or unnecessary? They are a must. Chances are you’re not the only one reading your program, and when others read it, you want to make sure they understand what you did. If not, you may have to explain it, and it will take even longer for them to understand. Where to put comments? That is up to you. Whichever part of the code you feel needs explaining. Comment blocks are also good, but make sure they actually explain the code. We don’t need to have to decipher what your comments mean.

Functions and modules – use them when you can. They can save you lots of time. Why do something over when it’s already been done? Creating modules takes time, but the payoff will be worth it because you will save even more time in the future. Let’s say you create a function to calculate the pythagorem theorem. Why not save it so you can use it in the future?

Don’t quote me on this, but if you can find code on the internet that works for you, use it. There are lots of free code snippets on the internet. In case you stumble upon something that twists your brain, you can always ask for help from your friend, the information superhighway.

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